SANA All-Cash Donation Draw 2014

SANA All-Cash Donation Draw 2014

SANA All-Cash Donation Draw 2014

The drug situation has worsened, with the amount of drugs seized and number of abusers arrested – both new and repeat offenders – rising last year. What is worrying is that 31% of those arrested are new abusers. There was also a significant increase in the number of cannabis abusers arrested last year (29% more than in 2012), with 69% of them being new abusers. Of greater concern is that the number of new abusers arrested for methamphetamine is now much higher than those arrested for heroin – 62% and 21% respectively. Moreover, the amount of drugs seized in 2013, had an estimated street value of $20.5 million, a figure 12% higher than in 2012.

These increasing numbers give rise to an emerging issue of great concern to our society: one where older youths in Singapore have more liberal views on drug use, based on findings from a survey conducted by the National Council Against Drug Abuse.

At SANA, we conduct preventive drug education programmes that reach out to youths. In 2013, we reached out to more than 7000 students from several uniformed-groups in secondary schools through our Anti-drug and Inhalant Abuse Badge Scheme and more than 500 primary school students in our Aspire camp. Through various Aftercare and Post-Aftercare programmes, we also reached out to recovering addicts and their families, by supporting and helping them reintegrate back into society. Your continued support in this area is very important as it will help us to successfully carry out our integrated rehabilitation and aftercare programmes for the many recovering addicts and also help to prevent inter-generational offending in their families. For FY 2012-2013, we achieved a successful outcome of 74.8% of recovering addicts who went through our programme.

This year, we aim to raise $200,000 from the SANA All-Cash Donation Draw 2014. We greatly appreciate your loyalty and generosity, as SANA is a non-profit organisation with limited funds and resources.

We would like to appeal for your support in helping us sell booklets of our Donation Draw tickets. Each $20 booklet contains 10 tickets at $2 each. Each ticket stands a chance to win the top prize - $18,000 in cash.

The draw will be held on 27 September 2014. In appreciation of your organisation’s efforts, administrative support can be provided on request.

You can make a difference, and your support would help us to rebuild the lives and families of the youth who have been ravaged by drug abuse. Your support will be invaluable in helping SANA with its preventive drug education and rehabilitative programmes, as we strive for a drug-free community in Singapore.

We look forward to receiving your reply via the Reply Form attached, to support this worthy cause.

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SANA All-Cash Donation Draw 2014

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