Operation Hope Foundation Fundraising Dinner

Fundraising dinner to benefit the rural poor in Thailand

Operation Hope Foundation Fundraising Dinner

The Operation Hope Foundation cordially invites you and a guest to attend our Pongpa Project Fundraising Dinner to benefit the rural poor in Thailand.

Saturday, 14 July 2012
7.00pm to 9.00pm
Jade Garden Restaurant

The Chevrons Club
48 Boon Lay Way, #03-06
Singapore 609961

A survey showed that there are 7.62 million "registered" poor earning less than 1,670 bahts (S$70) a month. The number of unregistered poor is unknown. The distribution of the poor is not evenly distributed and is primarily in the rural areas especially the northeast where 60% of the population is poor. Our project is located in the northern Thailand, 40 minutes from Phitsanulok city.

The poor are those who are landless, homeless, have illegal occupations, wanderer and those in debt. The first phase of the Pong Pa project is to have an orphanage for 80 to 120 orphans and abandoned children. The provincial authorities in Phitsanulok provided OHF a list of 200 needy children to come under our care.

OHF has leased an 800,000 sq feet piece of land for 20 years. The land comes with five buildings which need to be renovated before the children can move in. 

The second phase will be the CASE (Computer Attitude Skills English) Training Centre. Subsequent phases include volunteer and visitors’ accommodation and income generating projects. With the large land area, there is much that can be done to develop technological solutions for the poor e.g. experimental farms to test micro drip irrigation, rapid composting and other technologies to enable farmers to cultivate crops in areas where water is scarce.

OHF's mode of operation is unique as we build and manage the projects directly. OHF has been registered as a Non Government Organisation in Thailand with Singaporeans as the Chairman and Treasurer. This ensures proper control and accountability in how the orphanage and other projects in Pong Pa are being run! Unlike charities which just fund a local charity, our direct management control allows us to run proper programs and ensure expenses are bona fide and there is no fraud.

Help us start this Pong Pa Centre and bring hope and joy to 120 poor orphans and abandoned children. Children are our future and every opportunity should be given to develop their talents and ability. Without a proper environment to grow up in, poor children and their families will remain stuck in the poverty cycle! There is much work ahead and the staff of OHF is willing to be committed to make this project a success. We need your support NOW. 

Buy a table for $3,000 and invite nine of your friends to know more about this exciting project or buy a single seat for $300.

Kindly RSVP with Ms. Jenny Tan (68732955 / hope@ohf.org.sg) by 30 June 2012

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Fundraising dinner to benefit the rural poor in Thailand

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